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Wednesday, August 4, 2010

More "Balls"

I don't know what else to call them! Now that William is enjoying self-feeding so much, I've been coming up with recipes that that he can pick up, which can only be classified as "balls!"  But it is way too reminiscent of that SNL "Schwetty Balls" skit.......

Very inappropriate for a baby-centered blog!!!.....so from now on, I will refer to them as "bites," for lack of a better word! (Any other ideas are welcome).

Hummus Bites
Canned chick peas/garbanzo beans
Olive oil
Garlic Powder
Mash some garbanzos in a small bowl with a fork.  Add a drizzle of olive oil and mash some more, until you form a thick, somewhat dry, chunky paste. Mash in a sprinkle of garlic powder (chopped, steamed greens like spinach could be added into the mixture as well).  Roll into small round bites and serve.  Can also be finished with a roll in powdered baby cereal or crushed puffs/o's so that they are less messy and easier for baby to pick up. Great source of protein, fiber and healthy fats!

Tonight William had these Hummus Bites for dinner, along with steamed butternut squash chunks, chard leaves, broccoli florets, shredded mozzarella cheese and a small bowl of jarred pureed pears with a spoonful of yogurt and nutmeg.

The most recent additions to William's diet have been tofu and cherries!

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