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Saturday, December 4, 2010

William is one!

Just a few weeks ago, William had his first birthday. This first year of his life has flown by. I'm amazed at how much development is packed into this short amount of time, and the realm of eating is certainly no exception!

William now eats almost all table food.  He likes to feed himself with his hands, and practices with a spoon and fork.  He still *allows* me to feed him oatmeal and yogurt with a spoon.

I'd like to share with you some of his new favorite foods:
~Organic ravioli from the freezer section: traditional cheese, and beef/spinach. I usually cook them a minute longer than suggested, toss them with olive oil or butter, and season with pepper and/or romano cheese or sometimes a light coat of marinara. I cut them into quarters and make sure they are cool enough before serving.
~Rice cake or crackers or toast topped with cream cheese or almond butter or soynut butter (William especially loves Organic Cinnamon Sugar Soynut Butter (4-pack, 16 oz ea)
~ Beef or chicken stew.  It is easy to shred the soft meat, and William loves the flavorful, tender veggies.  I use the gravy to moisten brown rice or quinoa for lunch the next day (toss in some chopped spinach for extra veggies before microwaving)!
~Slices of apple or pear.  And now that William has three teeth, I feel comfortable leaving the skin on! I cut the fruit off of the core, then cut thin slices and score the skin (cut through it with the tip of the knife about every inch) to avoid the choking hazard of a long strip of skin.
~Plain whole milk Kefir, with fruit puree/juice added.  Flavored Kefirs (drinkable yogurts) have sugar added and are usually lowfat , but it is recommended that children consume only full-fat dairy until the age of 2.  Large amounts of fats are essential for healthy brain development!  I add a splash of pure blueberry juice to William's sippy cup of Kefir (Lifeway brand), and he loves it as much as the sugary pomegranate flavored one he tried while we were at Grandma's house for Thanksgiving!
~Fruit leather.  Whole Foods 365 brand fruit leather is all fruit (no added sugars or fillers), and has a soft consistency that is just chewy enough to satisfy a teething baby!

Of course there are also still the old standbys of Baby MumMums and Tiny Fruits (a.k.a. "Baby Crack").  But overall, as William enters his second year he continues to be a quite adventurous eater!

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