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Tuesday, June 22, 2010


After getting some feedback from friends, I'd like to add a disclaimer: I know that I have been lucky to have such a positive experience so far in feeding my baby solid foods, and I certainly do not expect this to always be the case! Changes throughout his development will surely affect William's tastes and attitudes about food, and especially the parent-child feeding dynamic. This is why I'm excited to write about this process!

Many new parents I know are finding the introduction of solid food to be challenging. Many babies show lack of interest or even outright dislike for solid foods! I think they realize that "breast is best!" But seriously, this can be a stressful time in parenting, and I'm certainly not here to brag about my "perfect" child....we've had our difficulties in other areas (nursing, sleep) during the first 7 months!

I think several things set William and I up for success in the introduction of solid foods: William's mellow temperament, his physiological and psychological readiness for solid food, the fact that I did my research (but not TOO much) on the topic, and the fact that I analyzed all of the information and came up with a plan that felt right to me (or really, what I thought would be best for William!), thus entering the process anxiety-free.  But who knows, it really might just have been luck so far! We'll see how things go in the future.......

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