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Monday, July 19, 2010

Got Yogurt?

I want to share with you a great customer rewards program that I've been using for the past few months: Stonyfield Rewards.  If you don't already know, Stonyfield is an organic dairy company (the largest of it's kind, featured in the documentary Food, Inc.).  They produce organic yogurt, drinkable yogurt, ice cream, frozen yogurt and milk.

Now, we eat a lot of yogurt in our house. A lot.  I eat at least one serving a day, my husband does too (he even keeps Stonyfield yogurts in the fridge at work!).  William is now eating about 4 Tbsp. of yogurt a day as well (from either the 32 oz. tub of Plain Cream Top or the YoBaby Plain 4-pk of 4 oz. cups). Once or twice we've also indulged in a Stonyfield ice cream ("Vanilla Chai" is good, and the "After Dark Chocolate" is ridiculous.).

My favorite type of Stonyfield yogurt is the 6 oz. cups of Smooth & Creamy Lowfat.  I love the Cherry-Vanilla, the Strawberry-Pomegranate, and the seasonal flavors: Maple-Vanilla and Mango-Honey!  I also occasionally buy a 32 oz. tub of Lowfat Banilla for myself.  My husband likes the Fat-Free French Vanilla Probiotic or the 6 oz. cups of Lowfat French Vanilla (I mentioned before that he's a "picky eater," right?).

All you have to do is register for "My Stonyfield Rewards" at stonyfield.com, then enter codes from your containers of Stonyfield products. You earn points toward very practical rewards, like free yogurt! You earn one point for a 6 oz. cup, and more for larger containers/multipacks.

In the three-ish months since I registered, I've earned 2 free 32 oz. containers of yogurt, a free 4-pk of Yo Baby Yogurt, any 2 Happy Baby products free and a subscription to Kiwi magazine.  We eat yogurt anyway, and prefer to eat organic dairy, so it's a great deal!

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